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Facing The Storm: Poetry for the Journey by Mac Browning

We all face storms in life; it is merely a fact of life. The question becomes, Who or what do we turn to in those trying times? Facing the Storm: Poetry for the Journey is my attempt to encourage everyone to seek out and cling to our Heavenly Father. Abiding in His light and truth, resting in His mercy and grace, and stepping out in faith are just a few topics readers will discover in this collection of devotional poems.

Diversity of a Different Kind: A Fresh Approach to Resolving Conflict by Oletha Barnett

Diversity unity is hard to accomplish. But God’s Word is sufficient for all aspects of life, showing us the way. (There is also a companion workbook to this book).

Sick of all this diversity tension that invades and disrupts our lives? We see it swirling and twirling around in our polarized society. We hear its daily grind in news cycles, amongst family, friends, and the community. So, what are we to do? This book can help you stop the chaos in its tracks. It is a divinely inspired, bold, fresh, and new approach to looking at differences and conflict from various perspectives for clarity, like a prism illuminates otherwise distorted views.


It's Only A Test by Dianne K Jones

What does an army brat, an assistant United States Attorney, an accountant, a criminal court judge and an ordained minister have in common? They are all a small part of Dr. Dianne K. Jones's resume. It's Only A Test is a chronicle of Dianne's life of how she was able to overcome many challenges that led to her becoming a criminal court judge. It was truly a test of character, faith and integrity.

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Life Coach Sue Ellen Deese

Are you desiring a partner to come alongside you and encourage you to take that next step in your life? If you are then we want to encourage you to reach to Sue Deese who is a professional life coach.

She wants to help you transform the way you participate in life to create more joy, gratitude and belief.


I'm a Christion. Now What? by Robert Ingram

Becoming a Christian is a positive decision that rivals any you will make in this life. It affects your eternity and how you will live the rest of your life. The question is: Now that I am a Christian, where do I go from here? This compact book answers some of the necessary questions you need for growth, such as: Who am I as a Christian? What is my inheritance from God? How do I take and use that inheritance daily? Am I secure in Christ? What is my mission as a Christian? What is Christian love? How am I to grow as a Christian? and What is spiritual warfare? Answering these questions is essential for one to develop into the person God desires.

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